The English requirement that you will need to satisfy for your TSS 482 visa application will depend on whether your nominated occupation is on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List or the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List.


Short Term list English requirement


Examination type Scores required
IELTS Overall average score of 5, with a minimum score of at least 4.5 in each band
PTE Academic  Overall average scores of 36, with minimum of 30 in each band
CAE Cambridge Advanced Overall average scores of 154, with minimum of 147 in each band
OET (for medical and allied health occupations) ‘B pass’ is required for all 4 components of the OET
TOEFL iBT Total score of 35, with at least 3 in Listening and Reading and at least 12 in Speaking and Writing


Medium and Long Term list English requirement


Examination type Scores required
IELTS Minimum score of at least 5.0 in each test component
PTE Academic  Minimum score of at least 36 in each test component
CAE Cambridge Advanced  Minimum score of at least 154 in each test component
OET (for medical and allied health occupations) Minimum score of at least B for each test component
TOEFL iBT Minimum score of at least 35 overall and at least 4 in each test component


You can complete your examination after lodgement of your TSS 482 visa application during the Department’s processing time, before the Department decides your visa application. Your English examination result is valid for 3 years from the date of the examination, and you must achieve the required examination scores in one single examination attempt (i.e. you cannot combine scores from multiple examinations).


Exemptions to the English requirement


Exemption Explanation
Your country of passport You hold a passport from Canada, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States.
Five years of study You have completed at least five years of full-time study in a secondary and/or higher education institution where the instructing language is English. You will need to provide evidence of this.
Your salary You are exempt if your base annual salary is at least AUD $96,400. Please note that base salary excludes bonuses, incentive based pay, overtime pay etc.


Higher English requirement if required for registration, licence or membership


If your profession/occupation requires any registration, licence or membership before you can start to work in Australia (i.e. nurses, doctors, electricians), then the Australian regulatory body for your profession/occupation may specify that you need to demonstrate a certain level of English language ability before you can obtain the registration, licence or membership that is required for you to work in your profession/occupation in Australia.


If the required level of English language ability is equivalent to higher scores than the scores required for your TSS 482 visa application, then you need to meet the higher level of English language ability that is set by the regulatory body. You will need to provide evidence from the regulatory body which shows the level of English language ability that is set to obtain the required registration, licence or membership, and also evidence to show that you meet this.


If a lower or if no level of English language ability is set by the regulatory body, and none of the above exemptions apply, then you still need to satisfy the English language requirement outlined above.


Frequently asked questions


Q: What will be the English language requirement for when I apply for permanent residency with the sponsorship of my employer?
A: This is explained in detail in this post


Q: Are you sure that both Academic or General Training IELTS examinations are accepted?
A: Yes


Q: If I do not meet the English language requirement and I lodge my application anyway, can the Department approve it?
A: You need to satisfy all the relevant eligibility requirements. The Department will not approve an application that does not satisfy all the requirements


Q: I do not satisfy any of the above exemptions, but I have clear evidence of my English language ability (e.g. I’ve worked in an English speaking country for a number of years, I’ve completed a number of years of study but don’t fit any of the exemptions outlined, I have professional membership, I’ve completed other English language examinations etc.), am I exempted from IELTS?
A: The only exemptions are both outlined above. If you do not satisfy any of the exemptions, then you need to complete an English examination and achieve the requirement examination scores


Q: Do dependent 482 visa applicants need to satisfy any English language requirement?
A: Not for the purposes of the visa application (they may need this if they want to work in certain occupations in Australia)

Please firstly see FAQ and prior comments post which may answer your queries

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Hi, My name is Ajal I was hoping you could help me. I am planning to apply for my temporary work visa subclass 485 and I’m confused about the fact that my English language requirement might expire after lodging that is during the process while still on bridging visa. Is that a problem ?? Or is it alright as long as you meet English prerequisite at the time of lodging.


Hi Peng,

My husband is in Australia since last 5 years and studied cookery and business. He has overall 5 in IELTS. Is it possible to apply 457 visa before 1st July 2013 with the same IELTS result? Or he needs 5 in each? He is getting sponsorship as a cook or baker.

Peng Cheng

Hi Pearl,
As stated above, he needs 5 in each band. 5 average is not enough.