Form 888 | Example answers

How do you write clear and useful supporting Form 888 for a partner visa application? Follow our simple guide and prepare useful Form 888s to support your application:

  • You should have your Australian family or friend to prepare these supporting forms and information for you. Your relevant family or friend should know both the visa applicant and sponsor, and should know about your relationship. Hence, he or she needs to provide relevant information in relation to what he or she has observed of the relationship, and why he or she believes that your relationship is genuine and committed
  • You should provide at least 2 Form 888 for your partner visa application if possible, although you can provide more if you wish
  • Write in a clear and understandable way. Pretend that you are an objective third party that doesn’t know anything about your history or relationship. Is your declaration clear and understandable from such an perspective?
  • Write in simple, short sentences that address the critical aspects of your history, relationship, and the considerations that the Department will assess (e.g. development of the relationship, financial aspects of the relationship etc.)
  • Include details and facts, and explain important and relevant events and dates, which will make your declarations, history and relationship more convincing. Such as the below example.
  • Proofread and make your declarations easy to understand. You don’t want to make your case officer’s job difficult, since he or she will decide your application. You actually should be as helpful and organised as you can be

Form 888 example answers

Question 3: State how you know the applicant and the applicant’s partner or fiancé(e), and indicate how often you have been in contact with them:

I am the brother of the applicant’s sponsor/spouse, Gemme Wayne. I have known Skype Walker for the last 2 years after he was introduced to our family by my sister.

I first met Skype in person in December 2014 when he travelled to Australia with Gemme to visit us. During this trip, Skype and Gemme stayed with my family at our Castle Hill residence for a few days while they were in Sydney.

During his stay in Sydney, my family and I took Gemme and Skype around Sydney, including to the Blue Mountains, the Royal National Park, Sydney CBD and the harbour area. We also look Skype shopping in the city before he departed Australia, when he needed to buy some presents for his family and friends back in Russia.

While my sister lived in Russia, we stayed in contact via Skype calls. After my sister moved in with Skype at his Moscow apartment, I got to know Skype a lot letter because he would join my sister with these calls once every few weeks. Based on my prior opportunity to spend a few weeks together in Sydney with Gemme and Skype, and also our regular our calls, I know that their relationship is very committed and loving.

Question 4: State whether you believe the relationship of the applicant and his/her partner or fiancé(e) to be genuine and continuing, and give your reasons for your belief

Gemme told me about her friendship with Skype well before they started their relationship. She told me about the holidays that they took together, what activities they did together after she moved to Moscow, etc.

She also told me about how Skype helped her get over her prior divorce from her former partner, and also the financial assistance that he has provided to her after she moved into his apartment when they lived together in Moscow.

I recently saw Skype again during his most recent visit to Australia (February to March 2016). My family attended my sister and Skype’s wedding. They recently got married in February 2016 in NSW. We don’t have too many family members in Australia, so their wedding was just attended by a few family members and friends.

They booked St Andrew’s church in San Sousi for their wedding ceremony. My wife and two young children all attended Gemme and Skype’s wedding. My son and daughter both help during the ceremony with walking flowers up to the alter. Their wedding was still a fantastic occasion for our family as we got to celebrate my sister’s relationship with a man that she truly loves.

We then all went to the Novartis hotel in Brighton for their wedding celebrations and reception.

I can see that they do truly care for and love each other. They have made great efforts to stay in constant contact after my sister moved to Australia.

Question 5: State any other matters you wish to add in support of the visa application

I have no doubts that my sister and Skype will continue their committed relationship after Skype settles in Australia.

We are a very close and loving family, and now Skype has become a member of our family. Skype is a responsible, caring and smart young family man, and he has become an important and loved member of our family. My sister and Skype have helped us on many occasions with looking after our two young children – they usually take our children out every few weekends, which is a great help for our family as this gives my husband and I a chance to do a few things around the home without the children around, and also for us to have a break when needed.

They have told me about their plans to start their own family, in a few years time once Skype has a chance to settle down in Australia.

Once Skype does move to Australia, I’ll try and help him with finding work in Australia. Skype works in a motor repair business in Moscow, and I also work in this field in Australia.

Please feel free to contact myself if you require any further information.

Swearing Form 888


Form 888 is a legal statutory declaration document. Hence, all information provided must be truthful and accurate. Once completed, your Australian family or friend will need to take the completed Form 888 in person to an eligible prescribed person to arrange for signing and swearing of the declaration before this eligible prescribed person (please see Form 888 for list of eligible prescribed person which include Justice of the Peace, medical practitioner, legal practitioner, dentist, nurse, optometrist etc.).


When your Australian family or friend takes their Form 888 to an eligible prescribed person to arrange for signing and swearing, they should also take their original Australian passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate (if Australian citizen) and a photocopy of this document. They should be able to ask the eligible prescribed person to certify the copy of the original document. You can take a scan of this certified copy and upload this with the Form 888 as per this form’s instructions.


If your witness is an Australian permanent resident, then you can ask him or her to provide their last permanent residency visa approval notice, which should be an electronic PDFdocument  sent to them from the Department. Or they can provide a VEVO check result. These electronic documents do not need to be certified. If your Australian permanent resident friend or family only has their Australian permanent residency visa label in their passport as their current evidence of their permanent residency status, then you should ask him or her to photocopy this original document and arrange for a certified copy that you can scan.


As a further step, you can then merge these documents into a single PDF file and then name the file appropriately (e.g. Form 888 Andrew Example)


Form 888 example

Non-Australian friends & family

You can copy and paste the same questions from this Form 888 into a statutory declaration, and get this supporting evidence from non-Australian citizens or permanent residents, or you can use our statutory declaration template.

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Mark V Dean

Hi, my fiancee and I are in stage 2 of her PR and need to attached a form 888 does anyone know where we do this as its not like it was for TR

wing chan

Hi my friend is australia citizen who lives in oversea. Can he be suitable personal for signing my form 888?

Noreen khan

Hi i am Australian permanent resident got married in Pakistan i applied my husband visa309/100 in 18 feb 2019 but we didn’t upload form 888 form my side can we upload now as its been 6 months of applied of hus visa but application still under process we hvnt get back from immigration or should we wait if tgey ask for and we prodive them thnx

Aman dosanjh

Hi my self Aman ,m from India ,two years ago I got married with australia pr boy
I just want to know about the declaration form 888
How he fill it bcoz his friends who are living in australia ,they were not coming in our marriage,his family and my family living in Punjab .so,how we fill that 888 form ,pls help

Is this form filled by Indian citizen persons who attend our marriage,pls guide


My wife and I are going to be applying for 309/100 visa. I am Australian and she is from Philippines my friends and relatives have never met her in person. Only ovcassionally spoke to her on Skype when she is on video call with me. Can they still fill out a stat dec 888 for her application?

Deepti Arora

for non australian residents, does the statutory declaration form need to be on a stamp paper or certified by the indian embassy?


hello..just wanna clarify if non-Australian resident/citizen they can use the statutory declaration form or the form 888 as long as both were certified.


HI, I have been reading that you still need the form witnessed but do not need a certified copy of the persons passport and that a colour scan is sufficient? I’m reading conflicting information as on the form it says passports must be certified but elsewhere on the gov site it says that if applying online then attached documents do NOT need to be certified?

Michael Picos

I have asked my Brother to prepare an 888 for me. He only has a birth certificate extract. Can the extract be used as proof of Australian citizenship when submitting the form or does it need to be a full birth certificate?