A Form 80 requires the respondent to provide relevant personal details, including details required to assess whether the visa applicant satisfies the character requirements for the relevant visa.


Form 80 – Preparation & Frequent asked questions


This is form mandatory for all visa applications? No
When is the Department likely to ask for a Form 80? While this is always at the discretion of the case officer, you are more likely to be asked to provide this form if:


  • If you have any prior criminal convictions and/or disclosures in your police clearance/s
  • You hold a higher risk passport in terms of how the Department/government classifies security
  • Department has any unclear/uncertain/inconsistent information in relation to your personal particulars such as education, work, residential history etc.


Should I upload a Form 80 now or wait for the Department to ask for this? You can provide this pre-emptively or wait and see if the Department sends a request for this form. If the Department does send a request, then this will delay the ultimate finalisation and deciding of your application


I am missing some of the information required to complete this form – what do I do? That does depend on the question that you need to answer.


If you are missing information in relation to your:


  • Prior residential details
  • Education – Campus/address of institution
  • Employment – Full address of business/company
  • Full address (house number, street name, suburb, town/city, postcode)
  • Dates and/or location of birth for family members


Then you can try answering with, which should be accepted by the case officer:


Unsure / Information no longer available


You should be honestly and completely answering the character and identity related questions in this form, such as Parts A – C, K – P, as collecting and assessing this information is the main purpose of this form.


I need additional space to complete some questions – what do I do? Please go to the last page, Part T and use Question 54 to provide any further information
Can I print this out and hand write the answers?


Can I complete this electronically on computer, and the print this out to sign?


Can I complete part on computer and part by hand?


Can I sign and date electronically using PDF software?

Question 19 – Your occupation and duties. How many duties do I need to list? Listing 3-4 main duties would be fine.
Question 20 – Give details of all tertiary education and qualifications. Do I need to provide pre-tertiary education details (i.e. high school and earlier)? No you don’t need to provide pre-tertiary education details.


As a tip to help you prepare this Form 80 quicker and accurately, we suggest that if available, you can take a PDF version of your visa application form and copy any relevant information from your visa form directly to a blanket version of Form 80. This should help ensure that all information that you provide in your Form 80 are accurate and correct.


You should still review all information in your Form 80 before you finalise and upload this via your Immiaccount or send this to the Department, given the important of the information in this form.


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