482 TSS Visa & 457 visa – Adding Your Newborn Baby


If you, or your partner who also holds a 482 TSS visa or 457 visa as a dependant, has a child while in Australia, then your child is deemed to be also holding a 482 TSS visa or 457 visa from birth. Note: Your child needs to be born in Australia. See below information in relation to a child that is born outside of Australia.


You still need to lodge an application with the Department so that your child is ‘officially’ granted a 482 TSS visa or 457 visa and that this is recorded onto the Department’s systems.


Supporting documents requires for application


Before you can make such an application, you will need to obtain a passport and an unabridged birth certificate for your child. Once you have these documents, you can email the Department (457@homeaffairs.gov.au or tss@homeaffairs.gov.au) with the following documents:


  1. Your child’s passport biodata page
  2. Your child’s unabridged birth certificate which confirms your child’s parents
  3. Your passport biodata page
  4. Your partner’s passport biodata page
  5. Evidence that you have purchased health insurance for your child, or evidence that you have enrolled him or her with Medicare
  6. Letter of support from your sponsoring employer (this letter basically confirms that your sponsoring employer supports the application and agrees to undertake the sponsor’s obligations that result from you adding your child to your 482 TSS visa or 457 visa)


Because your child is deemed to hold a 482 TSS visa or 457 visa from birth, he or she won’t need to complete any health examinations that would otherwise be applicable. There is also no government lodgement fee for this application.


If you take your child outside of Australia before you add him or her to your 482 TSS visa or 457 visa, you can still lodge an application to add him or her to your 482 TSS visa or 457 visa.  Again, there is no government lodgement fee.


Taking your child outside of Australian & Children born outside of Australia


However, if you take your child outside of Australia and don’t add your child to your 482 TSS visa or 457 visa, and then obtain another visa so that your child can return to Australia (since DIAC will have no record of your child holding a 482 TSS visa or 457 visa), when you lodge the 482 TSS visa or 457 visa application, you will need to pay a government lodgement fee. This is because the subsequent visa that you obtained for your child will replace the 482 TSS visa or 457 visa that he or she is deemed to hold from birth. And since he or she is no longer holding a 457 visa, you need to pay the relevant government lodgement fee for this application.


If your child is born outside of Australia, then you will need to pay the government lodgement fee when you lodge the application.


Please firstly see FAQ and prior comments post which may answer your queries

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We are holding long stay temporary 457 visas and now I want to add a newborn baby visa ( Born in India)
Please tell me which form no I have to fill OR If I want to submit to through online which visa application I can to fill?


Hai, we are holding 457 visa subclass and Baby born in Australia,have lodged application to immigration to update my child visa,how long does it take to grant visa of my child.


Hi ,
We are having 457 visa , but baby born in India . as we need togo back to austrailia , we applied for his depedant 457 visa in may 2018 and June 1st 2018 we submitted medical examinations. how long the processing could take .
2.how to know whether we are entitled for priority processing or not.


Hi..i hold a 457 visa and applied for my husband visa through 482 stream as subsequent entrant and its more than 2 months now…have not received any updates yet…could you please advise on this


Hi, I have applied for a dependent 457 visa for adding ny newborn. We are from Jordan, how long does it take to get the visa?there is any possibility to get it less than month?

Nita Lie

Hi, me and my husband currently on 457 visa. We are going overseas with our baby at the end of June. Is the employer letter a mandatory requirement to register our baby? And if we can not register the baby without it, what should we do? For certain reason we probably can not provide it. Thank you


Hi peng ,
I am on 457 visa and my baby is due on June 2018 . After how many years my baby will be entitled for Australian citizenship ?


I am currently on 457 visa. I had a baby on Jan 2018. I emailed to the government with all documents to add the child in to 457 visa. And i didn’t get any reply yet other than a automated reply. How can i know whether my child is added in to my visa or not?

Thank you


I apply 186 trt last year.Medical and police clearance requested by case officer last year. Medical will expire soon due to slow visa processing.
So where i will get the HAP ID.please advise.


Im a dependant of my husband under 457 visa and im currently 12weeks pregnant. I’m planning to go home to Philippines to born my baby and come back alone to work. Is there any possibility that I can’t come back here in Australia.


Hi ,

We are on 457 Visa holder and currently working in Australia .We are expecting baby in July 2018. Due to some health insurance locking period we are planning to have a baby in India .We have to return to Australia at the end of Sep 2018 due to official commitment. Could you please provide all suitable options so that we can bring our child to Australia along with us ? What are the things we need to take care about baby’s visa and all?

Luiza Bianquini Lima

HI Peng,

I need to add my daughter on my sponsor visa. I know U need to send a letter of agreement from the employer.

Where I can find a sample of how the letter can be done?




Hi Peng, I want to add my new born baby to my 457 visa . What documents I need and where should I apply

Mandeep mehta

Hi dear i and my wife on 457 visa & hav baby on 8th feb in Australia
What we hav to do next ?
We hav to enrol our baby with centrelink


Currently I’m on 457 Visa. My daughter was born 28 October 2017. I have baby birth certificate and oversea passport. I’m just wondering does my baby can travel overseas now because my mother in law is sick.. my wife wanna go soon.. And i can add my baby on my visa later..
Help will be much appreciated thanks


We raised application to add my new born to 457 on 27th November. My baby is born in India. We didn’t receive any further update yet. Could u please let us know how can we find out current status.. And if possible, how can we fasten up the process.


I’m currently on a 457 visa – I’ve just found out I’m pregnant… the father is an Australian citizen… will the baby automatically gain citizenship due to this? Do I still need to inform immigration? if so.. how?

Thank you!

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