482 or 457 Visa | Changing Your Employer

As a 482/457 visa holder, if you are looking to change your employer and have your new employer take over the sponsorship for your visa, you need to firstly ensure that your prospective employer is eligible to sponsor you for a 482/457 visa. This generally means that they need to hold Standard Business Sponsorship and that this sponsorship is valid (or that they are eligible and willing to apply for this).

When you can start working with your new sponsor

Your prospective employer will need to lodge a 482 nomination application and have this approved before you can start employment with them. You can’t start working for your prospective employer before the 482 nomination is approved.

The Department’s normal processing time for a 482 nomination application is around 2-8 weeks.

Serving our your notice period

Under condition 8107 which applies to primary 482/457 visa holders, you can only work for your sponsoring employer and in your approved role. The exception to this is when you’re changing your employer and 482/457 visa sponsor. Even after the 457482/457 nomination application for your new employer has been approved and your sponsorship has changed to this new employer, you can continue to work for your former employer and sponsor to ‘fulfil a requirement to give notice of termination of employment’.

Basically, you’re allowed to fulfil the terms of your employment contract.

Do I need to do anything for the 482 nomination application?

Generally speaking, the nomination application relates to the role that you will be performing. Your employer needs to demonstrate that the role is consistent with an occupation that is on the list of eligible occupations, and that there is a genuine need for your role.

Your employer may ask you for the following documents for the 482/457 nomination application:

  • Passport
  • Qualifications
  • Evidence of English language ability
  • Work references
  • Payslips demonstrating your paid work experience
Client reviews

Please firstly see FAQ and prior comments post which may answer your queries

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Hi, I am currently on my 482 visa (second visa – 2 years each) I had go change my employer during my first 482 visa due to company redundancy. I do not want to stay with this current company anymore. Is there a time period I have to stay with them due to new visa approval? Or because they nominated me 8 months ago on my old visa can I just leave as and when I like? Second 482 visa was granted 2nd July 2019. Thanks!

Reinan de Guzman

Hi! I was made redundant from my current employer and found a new sponsor.. They are still in the process of getting standard business sponsorship and but I am not sure if we have enough time to process everything before the 60 days period is over..
My question is : Can I ask for an extension of the 60 days period and tell them my new sponsor is in the process?
Can I leave Australia and go back home and just come back when the transfer is complete?
Thank you, Much appreciated


Hi Peng
I am writing on behalf of my partner. He is in Brisbane on a 457 visa valid until February 2020. A new sponsor is willing to sponsor him on a 187 visa in Townsville. Does he need to transfer his 457 to this new employer before applying for 187?


Hi Peng This is Raj I have applied for nomination change on 14th of March already 4 weeks as it mentions on website process time between 2-4 weeks how long I need to wait thanks.


Hi Peng,

I am currently on a 457 visa as Management Consultant (valid until Aug 2020). If I were to change employer, can I only apply for jobs as Management Consultant, or can I also apply for other roles?



Hi Peng
My 457 visa is valid till 2021but I will be transferred to New Zealand office which is our branch soon and salary will be paid in NZ.
I would like to know that my family who are under my 457 visa can stay in Australia till visa expire if I start work in NZ?

Debbie Moyo

I am on a 457 visa valid till 2021 but I have applied for a subclass 820 visa. Now, I would like to change my employer. What does the new employer have to do? Do I have to apply for another 457 visa through my new employer? Do I inform the Immigration department about changing my employer?


Hi Peng,
I’m currently on Bridging Visa A as I lodged my 457 and waiting for the result to come out. My question is that I have another sponsor who is willing to sponsor me as 187 visa. Can they start their 187 nomination when I’m still waiting for 457 visa application result? And if my 457 grant few weeks later ( as I lodge on 30/6/2017), can I still keep the 187 nomination from new sponsor? Or are there any way to transfer from 457 to 187 ( different sponsor?)
Thanks so much for your help

Carlos Parga

How long can the visa transfer take, I’m on a 457 visa, the new company advise that it would be from 2-4 weeks but it has taken over 12 weeks now. What is the limit on the processing time? Thanks


I found new employer and they submitted the visa transfer on 11 oct 2018. As per current trend what is the average time immigration team will review/approve the transfer? Also the sponsorship will change the expiry date of VISA ?

imran hameed

for instant if i have worked with my first employer for 1 year then change my employer do i need to start from beging again like
as i know if you have completed 2 years with your employer you are eligible for p.r, after changing employer i needed to do it again 2 year?


Hi Peng,
I am holding visa 457, I would like to change my sponsor.
If the new sponsor submitted a new TSS nomination for me, then 1-2 weeks later I dropped it because I have a another better offer, does that move affect my visa at all?

best regards,


Hi, My 457 short term visa was granted a few weeks ago, but I am not happy with my employer. I have found another company but what do they need to do for my sponsor to be transferred ? What are the cost for them and myself to transfer the sponsorship over ? They havnt sponsored before ? Also what notice do I need to give my current employer ? Can I wait untill the new employer sponsorship and nomination has been granted before I give my notice to my current employer ?

Benoit Esselin

Hi Peng,
I’m currently on visa 457 (approved 5th of August 2016 for 4 years). I have an offer from another company, I wanted to know how does it work the transfer?
Basically I wanted to know if you can lodge a nomination with your new employer even if you still working for your actual employer. Also how long does it take for the nomination to get approved. And my last question is regarding my fiancé who is on my visa as a partner de facto, would she be affect by transfer to my new employer.


Hi Peng I am currently changing employer as my current employer under paid on the market rate salary for 2 years can I reclaim any of the under payments