457 Visa – Changing Your Employer


As a 457 visa holder, if you are looking to change your employer and have your new employer take over the sponsorship for your visa, you need to firstly ensure that your prospective employer is eligible to sponsor you for a 457 visa. This generally means that they need to hold Standard Business Sponsorship and that this sponsorship is valid (or that they are eligible and willing to apply for this).


When you can start working with your new sponsor


Your prospective employer will need to lodge a 457 nomination application and have this approved before you can start employment with them. You can’t start working for your prospective employer before the 457 nomination is approved.


The Department’s normal processing time for a 457 nomination application is around 2-4 weeks.


Serving our your notice period


Under condition 8107 which applies to primary 457 visa holders, you can only work for your sponsoring employer and in your approved role. The exception to this is when you’re changing your employer and 457 visa sponsor. Even after the 457 nomination application for your new employer has been approved and your sponsorship has changed to this new employer, you can continue to work for your former employer and sponsor to ‘fulfil a requirement to give notice of termination of employment’.


Basically, you’re allowed to fulfil the terms of your employment contract.


As the 457 visa holder, do I need to do anything for the 457 nomination application?


Generally speaking, the nomination application relates to the role that you will be performing. Your employer needs to demonstrate that the role is consistent with an occupation that is on the list of eligible occupations, and that there is a genuine need for your role.


Your employer may ask you for the following documents for the 457 nomination application:


  • Passport
  • Qualifications
  • Evidence of English language ability
  • Work references
  • Payslips demonstrating your paid work experience



Please firstly see FAQ and prior comments post which may answer your queries

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Hello Peng,
I am currently holding 457 sponsor visa as a cook and valid till 2019. I need IELTS if i transfer my nomination to new company. And what is the procedure to transfer new company by new law

Damien Elliman

Hi guys… so my partners visa is pending approval (into further assesment stage of application, so nearly there) but my business has been sold to a new company, who have already applied for the nomination to take my sponsor..
do I have to change anything in regards to my partners visa?
Also will I still hold the old 457 circumstances regarding my own visa? Or I begin a 482 new scheme.




Hello Peng,

I am currently on a 457 visa (valid until 2022) and I am in the process of changing employers (same occupation). I have had a new 482 nomination approved today. Do I need to do anything to complete the transfer or am I clear to begin working with my new employer?

Kind regards


Hi Peng,
I have signed a new contract and the new employer just applied for as an approved employer sponsor and going to lodge the TSS nomination. Do I (V457 VISA HOLDER) need to do anything in the meantime and after the nomination has been approved?
Your response on some comments that current 457 visa holder can transfer an existing 457 visa with the employer lodging a TSS nomination application. How does it work? That to be done by the new employer when lodging the nomination? thanks


Hi Peng, hope you are doing well.
I’m on 457 since Mar 2016 and want to change from employer A to B. How much time does it take to transfer the visa? I assume in my case it will be transfer of visa from 457 to TSS.


Mohammad Abdelnabi

Hi Peng,

Hope you are well.

I’m on 457 visa.left my employer and signed a new contract. The new employer said we have to wait 2 weeks before transferring the nomination to meet the labor market criteria. i will travel overseas next Saturday and will back on 5 Aug,can i leave and back to AU within the 60 days that IMMI gives to me?

Kind regards,


hello Peng, i already have an approved nomination for my new employer, but my previous employer said that a new approved nomination is not enough proof to say that i can work already with my new employer. do i need to inform immigration that i have changed employer? isnt a new approved nomination enough? thanks



I’m on a 457 visa. I found a new employer with a better offer than my previous one. My new employer’s already initiated for visa transfer( i.e. 457 to TSS Visa)

Can I get a Bridging Work visa during the transfer duration, and will I eligible to work in Australia during the visa transfer period?




I’m on a 457 visa. I found a new employer with a better offer than my previous one. My new employer’s nomination has been approved. Can I start working with them? Or do I need to apply for a visa transfer! My VEVO account still shows my previous employer.

Andrea Frabetti

Hi, I’m currently on the old 457 visa ( approved before April 2017), but I’ve received a very good offer from another business, if I change employer will I lose the right to apply for a pr? Thanks in advance

Pedro h nogueira

Hi Pen how are you? I’m current holding a 457 visa. I would like to know if I can transfer for a new employer or I need to lodge for the tss?tks


Hi Peng,

I applied for 457 early March this year & haven’t received visa decision yet, Can I change the employer in to a new employer who wish to sponsor me now or should wait until the current visa is processed?



Hi Peng,
My current sponsor is selling the business. Can I still transfer my 457 visa to new employer as this subclass has been ceased in the meantime?


Hi there!
I received one of the last 457 visas. I had it issued in February 2018.
I am looking to changed employers and wanted to know if anyone knows the cost the employer is charged for the transfer?
When going into interviews it would be helpful to spell it out that to have me the transfer cost 1,000 or whatever the amount is!
Can’t seem to find this cost anywhere 🙁


Hello, I was on 457visa with employer A. But as my visa was close to being expired, I’ve found new employment with employer B, which have applied to sponsor me on 457. Now that my original 457 visa has expired and I’m on a bridging a visa, and the new application has not been determined. What can I do for work? How long does 457 application process takes now?

Aaron shin

Hi peng.

I have done two and half years of 457 visa and i only need english score now, but my owner is going to sell his bisuness.. are there any ways i can get a permanent residency?
Thank you.

M.k khan

Hi peng

can you let me know I am working with my company since 4 years in fabrication trade and I am just stil waiting for my 457 nomination and I applied before six month during these days I got another 457 SPONCER from a big company they offered me now on my fabrication trade on a big package so please let me know what I do…


Hi Peng I have been on the 457 Visa for a year but I have found a better job offer in another company who accepted the visa transfer process. My new contract is signed, they say the transfer might take up to 4 to 8 weeks because of the Christmas break. My current employer is kind of aware that I want to leave but I don’t know when to hand him my resignation letter: right now to give what seems a comfortable 4 weeks notice or only when I have confirmation of the transfer with a shorter notice..? Nothing is… Read more »


Hi Peng! My new owner are happy to reapply my document as a cook for me in late January 2018. Is it still possible to get approved for Cook after March 2018 .as I got my visa in October 2017 but old owner sold their cafe .

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