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  • Visa refusal or cancellation appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
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  • Responding to Department visa cancellation consideration letters
  • Health waiver and medical consideration issues
  • Applying for exemptions to ban periods from Australia
  • Ministerial Intervention
  • Family visa stream application, including Carer visa

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I migrated to Australia when I was 6 years of age.

We migrated as a refugee family, with no money, poor or no English ability and with essentially just the belongings that we brought with us. I am very grateful for the amazing opportunities that this country has afforded myself and my family.

I am very thankful that I now have the opportunity to assist the next generation of migrants that are looking to move and settle in Australia


Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1172863)

Bachelor of Laws (Hons) – University of Sydney

Bachelor of Economics – University of Sydney


I understand firsthand the challenges and triumphs of starting anew as a migrant in the lucky country.

Drawing from my own experiences, I bring empathy and insight to my work, ensuring that every client receives the support and understanding they deserve. 

Outstanding success with difficult
applications & Tribunal appeals

True dedication to our clients - 1000s of satisfied visa holders!

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Recent Posts

Skilled Occupation List | 2019

Skilled visa lists Eligible visas Link to current list Medium & Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) 189 Skilled Independent visa 190 State sponsored permanent residency visa 489 State sponsored temporary residency visa 489 Skilled Regional

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Partner visa | Spouse or De-facto

A partner visa can be sponsored by an Australian citizen and permanent resident by lodging the visa and sponsorship applications. The onshore 820/801 partner visa and offshore 309/100 partner visa will allow you to enter

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186 visa | Comprehensive requirements

Direct Entry (‘DE’) stream Temporary Residence Transition (‘TRT’) stream Labour Agreement (‘LA’) stream 186 visa The following requirements need to be satisfied by the primary visa applicant under both the Direct Entry and Temporary Residence Transition

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Tasmania State Sponsorship

The Tasmanian state government can sponsor the State Sponsorship 190 permanent residency visa and 489 temporary residency visa. Tasmania 190 and 489 visa invitation statistics (source: Department of Home Affairs Skillselect) from 1 July 2018 to the

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482 visa | TSS visa

The 482 visa (Temporary Skill Shortage TSS visa) is Australia’s main long-term temporary and full-time work visa that is sponsored by an approved business. The Temporary Skill Shortage (“TSS”) 482 visa requires the business and visa

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Student visa | GTE Example

The key visa requirements for an Australian student visa are the following: Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), or genuine temporary student requirement Course enrolment – Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) English proficiency requirements Financial requirements Health and character requirements

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Australian Permanent Resident visa

Am I eligible? OK let’s see… The main pathways for obtaining Australian permanent residency visas are: Skilled stream migration: General skilled migration points test based 189 visa State sponsored 190 or 489 visas Employer Nomination

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Schedule 3 | Compelling reasons

This generally occurs if you are in Australia waiting for a Tribunal appeal hearing or Court hearing in relation to your visa refusal or cancellation, or if you overstayed your prior visa and you are currently unlawfully

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WA State Sponsorship

Western Australia 190 and 489 visa invitation statistics (source: Department of Home Affairs Skillselect) from 1 July 2018 to the end of 11 June 2019: Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa 217 Skilled – Regional (Provisional) (subclass

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Australian Citizenship Application

If you are applying for Australian citizenship as an Australian permanent residency visa holder, then you would be applying under the ‘conferral’ pathway. Australian Citizenship Application The ‘conferral’ Australian citizenship pathway requires the following steps:

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Queensland State Sponsorship

Queensland state government 190 and 489 visa invitation statistics (source: Department of Home Affairs Skillselect) from 1 July 2018 to the end of 11 June 2019: Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa 1,089 Skilled – Regional

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Victoria State Sponsorship

If you are in Australia but living outside of Victoria You must provide a evidence of a job offer for a role that is located in Victoria. You can provide either an employment contract or

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NSW State Sponsorship

NSW 190 and 489 visa invitation statistics (source: Department of Home Affairs Skillselect) from 1 July 2018 to the end of 11 June 2019: Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) visa 3,572 Skilled – Regional (Provisional) (subclass 489)

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NT State Sponsorship

The Northern Territory government can sponsor the State Sponsorship 190 permanent residency visa and 489 temporary residency visa. NT visa invitation statistics (source: Department of Home Affairs Skillselect) from 1 July 2018 to the end of

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PR Points Calculator & Cut-offs | 2019

ANZSCO Occupation Points Score Total Submitted Occupation Ceiling Invitations up to 11/06/2019 1331 Construction Managers 65 31 5,982 54 1331 Construction Managers 70 6 5,982 54 1332 Engineering Managers 65 16 1,131 22 1341 Child

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Partner Statutory Declaration example

We will look at each of these considerations, and provide you with examples which may be applicable for your relationship. Development of the relationship . In this section, you can outline the initial development of

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Form 80 | Preparation & FAQ

A Form 80 requires the respondent to provide relevant personal details, including details required to assess whether the visa applicant satisfies the character requirements for the relevant visa. Form 80 This is form mandatory for

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Regional Occupation List | 187 visa

Eligible list of occupations for the regional employer sponsored 187 visa sponsorship, eligible postcode regional areas and Regional Certifying Bodies: Regional Occupation List -187 visa . All of the following ANZSCO occupations are eligible under

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Age Exemptions | 186 & 187 visa

The primary visa applicant must be under 45 years of age at the time that the visa application is lodged. The primary applicant can turn 45 years of age or older after lodgement of the visa

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10 Useful Things to Know | 186 visa

The below are the 10 most common questions that I receive in relation to the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 visa. Also, in this post, we outline the eligibility requirements for the 186 visa for the primary

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English Requirement | 186 & 187 visa

The primary visa applicant will need to demonstrate ‘Competent’ English’ language ability. The English examination scores that you need to achieve are as follows:  English Requirement – 186 & 187 visa   Listening Reading Writing Speaking

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VEVO | Australia Visa Check

Completing a VEVO visa check will allow you to obtain the following information in relation to your current Australia visa: Your visa type/subclass, and whether you hold a permanent residency or temporary visa When your

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Caveat requirements

Instrument Note(s) number Description of excluded and not eligible positions/sponsoring businesses 1 Excludes positions which do not require minimum two years’ work experience.Note: this exclusion does not currently apply to any occupation. 2 Excludes positions which

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Form 888 | Example answers

You should have your Australian family or friend to prepare these supporting forms and information for you. Your relevant family or friend should know both the visa applicant and sponsor, and should know about your

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Visa Refusal | AAT Appeal

You may be able to appeal your visa refusal, visa cancellation, business sponsorship or nomination application refusal to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal). The role of the Tribunal is to review the Department’s decision for

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Partner | Definitions

Sponsorship Limitations and Character requirements A sponsor who has previously sponsored a partner or prospective marriage visa applicant cannot sponsor another partner or prospective marriage visa applicant until at least five years have passed since the first

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English Requirement | 482 visa

The English requirement that you will need to satisfy for your TSS 482 visa application will depend on whether your nominated occupation is on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List or the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills

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Training Benchmark

Important Note: The training benchmark requirement has been replaced by the Skilling Australia Fund levy. One of the requirements that a sponsor needs to satisfy in order to obtain Standard Business Sponsorship and sponsor Subclass

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Standard Business Sponsorship Obligations

Once a business obtains Standard Business Sponsorship, it will be subject to the following obligations in relation to the Department and its 482/457 visa holder employees:   Obligations to 482/457 visa holder employees   Unless otherwise specified,

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Health Insurance 482 or 457 Visa

As a 482/457 visa holder, you are required to hold adequate health insurance cover or Medicare subscription (under Australia’s reciprocal health care agreement) for the duration of your stay in Australia. This requirement also applies

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Leaving Visa Sponsor

One very common question that I receive from 457, 186 and 187 visa holders is: I need to leave my employer – what is going to happen? You may want or need to leave your employer

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